Bernie’s Batch

Double Chocolate Chip**

The mother of all chocolate chip cookies.  Growing up, there was always a jar of my mother, Bernie’s chocolate chippers on top of our refrigerator. This cookie is the perfect marriage of a rich, brown butter dough, and both semi-sweet and bittersweet chocolate chips.  You can try to eat just one, but . . . it never worked for me. **Gluten-free option available.

$18 / dozen

Bernie’s Birthday Suit

Chipless Chocolate Chips

Yes. You read it correctly. It’s naked! After numerous requests, we took our same signature chocolate chip cookie dough and omitted the chips.

$18 / dozen

Gladys’ Gingers

Ginger Molasses

Just like her cookie counterpart, Aunt Gladys had spunk! Sweet molasses, dark brown sugar and warm spices created a cult following for this fall and winter favorite.  We added crystallized ginger to take this one to a whole new level.

$18 / dozen

Mollie O’s

The Ultimate Oreo™

As a special surprise, Mollie often left two of these beloved cookies and a penny under my dad’s plate. Our version pays homage to this timeless treat. A combination of black and natural cocoa powders, and a delicious buttercream filling will make your eyes roll back to the fifties.  

$32 / dozen

Rose’s Pralines

Toffee Butter Pecan

Aunt Rose always knew how to pair a shoe with a bag – so it was no surprise when she put toffee together with pecans to form one of the most delicious cookies ever baked. The combination of house made praline pecans, a sprinkling of sea salt, and crunchy toffee makes this cookie reminiscent of Southern pralines.  Looks good, tastes better.

$18 / dozen

Nonnie’s Oats

Oatmeal Raisin Spice

My Aunt Nonnie was the salt of the earth. She loved these cookies with a cup of Chamomile tea. Old-fashioned oats, sweet, moist raisins and just the right amount of spice are added to this back-in-the-day gem.

$18 / dozen

Sophie’s Nuts

Honey Roasted Peanut Butter

Yes. Sophie was nuts. Maybe it was the fur coat she wore in 90-degree heat!  Its crumbly exterior and smooth center makes this cookie a peanut butter lover’s dream. Our house made peanut topping sprinkled over these beauties doesn’t hurt either.

$18 / dozen

Betsy’s Doodles


Betsy’s rule: Don’t judge a book by its cover.  They look simple, but guess again.  These buttery beauties are rolled in vanilla bean cinnamon sugar and carefully not overbaked to create crispy edges and a chewy center. The secret? A little extra vanilla is added to make them such a crowd pleaser.

$18 / dozen

Syl’s Blissful Brownies

Triple Chocolate Brownies

Aunt Sylvia lived to be 103, and we think these unforgettable brownies were her secret! Following her directions to the letter, our brownies are made with Guittard Rouge cocoa powder, and two decadent varieties of chocolate chips. Chocolate lovers, you’ll never look back, and you can justify it as an anti-aging product.

$36 / dozen

Bernie’s Bites

Bite-sized Cookies

Are you wanting just a little nibble?  We get it.  It’s hard to eat just one.  Select a dozen mini bites of one or more of your favorite cookie flavors.

$10 / dozen

Syl’s Mini Morsels

Brownie Bites

These mini morsels are a little bites of pure chocolate heaven.  A dozen of these mini blissful brownies will satisfy any chocolate craving.

$12 / dozen